Watch This Short Video and Learn More From Some of My Friends and Mentors

It was the year of 2010, when we welcomed our first child. I remember feeling like I was about to jump off a cliff  when I decided to stop working and become a stay-at-home Mother. I had always wanted to stay home and partake of the little moments of raising children. That was important to me and it was decided before we even had kids.

What I didn't know was how lost I'd feel in that role. No longer a team to consult and bounce ideas off of. No longer a manager to report to or a paycheck at the end of the month (bye bye cute nails).

The menial work of dirty diapers, mounds of laundry, picking up toys and endless snacks was an essential part of Motherhood and most of the time it keeps my days very full. What it doesn’t fill however, is the creative and driven part of the ME inside of the Mom. 

All of that would change in 2012 when my husband got laid off from his "secure job" and the idea of owning our own business became our reality. The "hustle" wasn't out there anymore, it was within us, to overcome our weaknesses and develop our talents. Jim Rohn once taught me: "Everyone needs to belong to something greater than themselves."

With the business came the opportunity to create a life not just make a living. 


Are you ready?! Feel the thrill my friend and let's do this together! I'll see you on this side of the cliff ;) Hard work pays off here and the reward is more than a healthy bank account. Click HERE to connect with me.