Growing up in Brazil, nutritional supplements weren't a part of my lifestyle. We ate "from the ground" and even though I lived in a big city the same old guy that grew the lettuce sold it at the weekly street market. Food was fuel. Food was health insurance. Food was alive and made me feel so after eating it.

One of the biggest cultural shocks I experienced when I moved to the United States was the way food was classified and consumed. The stores were lined with boxes and food-like substances that were flavorless and infused with so much synthetic products- it was overwhelming! Food was a mindless part of life. Many of my college associates had an unhealthy relationship with food and many times, unhealthy relationships in general - most of all with themselves. 

When it was time for my husband and I to start our family, I wanted my little humans to experience God's earthly creations abundantly. Nutrition became a focus. It became the direction I wanted to lead my family - enjoying life and their bodies. Let me come clean about one thing though - I love my sweets! "Celebration Food" as I like to call it. Moderation in all things, right? ;) 

After years of research I now share with you my family's legacy. I hope your cells will thrive and, like millions of individuals around the world, your life's experiences will be enhanced because of it. Mine certainly has. 

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Highest quality manufacturing

TRANSPARENCY - It is one of the most attractive aspects of my partnership with USANA Health Sciences. The products I'm about to introduce to you are manufactured in an FDA-Registered facility which puts them into a pharmaceutical-grade category. They control the entire process from raw materials to arriving at your door. In addition to that, they are also a publicly traded company on the NYSE and was founded 25 years ago in 1992! Connect With Me to create a personalized nutritional regimen for your goals and lifestyle or click below and get started today! 

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Weight management 

Healthy weight is a side effect of healthy living. The end. Finding the balance between MACROnutrients (Proteins*Carbs*Fats) and MICROnutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) is the sweet spot of a healthy weight, pun intended ;). It can be as simple as balancing your blood sugar levels, hormones and mood. Best way to start? Try the 5-day RESET kit to kill those carb cravings and kick-start your journey into vitality. No guess work. No hassle. Transition into a new lifestyle by achieving results within the first week! Click on the link below to check out some of my favorites weigh management products. 

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Anti - Aging 

SKIN - Your largest organ. Your postcard of health.  The enigma that has kept human kind intrigued for eras. What if your skin cells could talk to each other and receive daily nutrients via your skin care products? Well, now they can! Introducing CELAVIVE. This product goes beyond what you see and contains USANA's unique, patent pending InCelligence: The Cell Signaling technology long used in the nutritional supplements. This dynamic protocol was designed to work synergistically for best results. Check out my favorites below!