Beauty Of Sleep Part III

Are you ready for the third and last portion of our Beauty of Sleep series?! I'm excited for this one because we are finally digging into what sleep does for your beauty bits, especially skin health.

Of course if you are a Mother, especially a fellow Mother of young children like me, you DO NOT underestimate the importance of sleep and know, for a fact, that Dr. Tick speaks the truth #preachitgirl - The zombie-like state we live in for years alone is enough to turn us into Sleeping Beauty, and not for the sake of being kissed, but simply to have an excuse to lay there and do nothing for a second. 

And here is the part about Motherhood that our mothers didn't tell us. The sleepless nights is the number one contributor to wrinkles! Yup! 

A study done in 2013 showed that women who slept poorly (as measured on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index) had increased skin dryness and significantly more wrinkles when compared with good sleepers.

Poor sleepers’ skin had less elasticity, more irregular pigmentation and slower healing from sun damage. Although hydration and nutrition play huge roles when it comes to skin health, the researchers could see the difference and so could the women themselves.

Baby #3 at 2 weeks.png

You repair damaged DNA and rebuild the molecules your cells are going to need for the next day, like proteins, steroids and heme.

Now, let's get real ... the 7-9 hours of sleep ain't gonna happen often. The little buggers have bad dreams, ear aches, teething, lost binkies and lost blankets that makes us lose precious sleep time. The good news? There is beauty resources for the sleepless mothers (and fathers too - hey, they gotta preserve the sexy, am I right?!) I digress ... My point is, let's get your skin cells working for you, not against you. You are needed at all times of the day and I want to give you something extra for Mother's Day to remind you of how truly beautiful you are! 

I have some incredible Mother's Day Specials going on right now to help reverse some of the effects of those sleepless nights! No, it's not a 3-hour-nap-coupon (sorry girlfriend!), but I promise your skin will feel just dreamy! There is one that ends in TWO days and that one is my Top Seller right now! The other specials will stay until supplies last, so feel free to forward this link to your dear husband or children as a hint-hint for your Mother's Day gift this year ;) 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how to help protect your skin as summer approaches here in the Northern Hemisphere.