Women's Health Retreat


I'm excited to take you through what has become a very impactful experience for me. As a wife, mother, educator and business owner I have come to appreciate Sanoviv as a place of solitude and healing. I hope you enjoy learning more about the Institute and what the retreat has to offer.

Don't hesitate to Connect With Me if you have any questions. See you in Mexico!


Who should go to Sanoviv you ask? I say, anyone that has cells in their bodies :) Well, it's true but for the purpose of this Retreat let me clarify which humans I'd like to have join me. This Retreat is for you Mama. It is for us to experience together. It's for the little eyes, hands and feet that take you through so many emotions in a 24hr period that you think heaven and hell really are here on Earth. It's for the handsome dude that slays dragons every day to bring home the bacon and does the dishes, and changes diapers and takes care of the car maintaince and mows the lawn but can't freaking pick up his socks from the floor ... we love them. And they love you - all of you - and the best of you is what I want you to share with them. 


All rooms face the ocean. go to sleep with the sounds of waves as your lullaby and wake up to seagulls and ocean breeze.

Spacious rooms with separate sleeping areas.


Built in 1999 by the visionary and world-renowned Microbiologist and Immunologist - Dr. Myron Wentz Ph.D, Sanoviv means "Healthy Living". From its geographic location to the tooth paste in your room, everything has a purpose and was designed with your health in mind. 

The Health Retreat Includes:

-Transportation from and to the San Diego Airport.

-100% organic cotton clothing during your stay.

-All meals included. Organic ingredients and Whole Foods. No artificial anything.                                                

-Spa Treatments: Massage, Reflexology, Facial and  Quiet Room Treatment.

 -Blood Analysis / Light Medical Work-up.                    

-Unlimited access to detoxification pools & sauna.   

-Nutrition Advisor Certification classes.                      

-A La Carte treatments available upon request.



This beautiful 10-acre facility is located in Rosarito, Mexico on the Baja coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Participants will be picked up at the San Diego Airport by Sanoviv's courteous professional drivers. The Institute is located about 1 hour south of the airport. The drivers will take you through the US-Mexico boarder and into Sanoviv without any stops. Pick up and drop off times will be arranged between you and your Sanoviv's representative prior to your arrival.



As a mother of 3 myself I KNOW that we give SO much as we go about our days. Too often however, we wear our Super-Woman cape in an attempt to fly instead of just as an accessory. Fly to recitals, fly to help in the classroom, and fly to the endless sports games. Slowly, we put our physical and emotional health on the back burner because family always come first, as it should. Sometimes we forget, however, that we are part of the family too. It's not selfish to invest in bettering ourselves. Selfish is to give our loved ones the left-over of us and hide behind the "mom mask" we created (and wear proudly). They deserve better than that. You deserve better than that! They deserve the best version of you. So, let me make a suggestion. Instead of asking "why", ask yourself, "why not?" - whatever answers that question for you make sure you like your reason ;)

My WHY for going to Sanoviv has changed over the years. My first WHY was to seek healing from a miscarriage I went through and the health problems I was facing soon after. Fear dominated my thoughts. Doubt was my constant companion and I didn't know how to move forward and fulfill my purpose on this Earth. The days had become monotonous and blended together in a way that I didn't recognize who was living my life. I needed a break to figure out what I wanted the next version of me to be like, to feel like. Sanoviv was my answer. What a gift that first trip was! A gift that has extended to bless my loved ones. I expanded as an individual - mind * body * spirit - and was ready to welcome our third child which joined our family a year later. I welcomed a new vision for my business, one that now includes you. My WHY now is to watch you experience the healing powers of Sanoviv. 

Finding The Next Version Of Me

Finding The Next Version Of Me


Once you register you'll receive further information and connect with a Sanoviv representative who will facilitate payment and make the necessary arrangements for your stay. 

Shared Room - 5 nights - $1,797 each, two rooms in one (encouraged) You'll have your own bed and the rooms are very spacious. Original price $3,700 each outside of group retreat.

Single Room - 5 nights - $1,997. Original price $3,900 each outside of group retreat. 

To reserve your spot a $500 down payment is required. The remainder is to be paid in full by June 7th, 2018. Periodic payments accepted.