I remember when I was a little girl asking the grown ups around me questions such as: "What makes my hair curly when others' are straight?", "What are the white spots on our nails?", "How come we are not born with teeth?" - The human body has ALWAYS fascinated me! How we move, think, see light and colors, perceive danger, and the miracle of life itself everytime I hold a newborn baby.

With such fascination I often put my body to the test with sports, dance and thrilling activities that made me feel ALIVE! When I became a mother in 2010 my fascination turned into reverence. Yes, yes, the "love handles", "flat-like-a-fried-egg-after-nursing breasts" and, more recently, the hormone roller coaster of post partum depression were challenging and down right sucky at times. Yet, without them I wouldn't be whole, I wouldn't be in love with the human body and its divinity, for I wouldn't have learned of its power. And I'm still not done.

My curiosity has taken me on a journey of over seven years of learning, applying and teaching about the human body and its needs. Even though becoming an entreprenuer and learning how to navigate the business world was (and still is) scary, the experience has been vital for me to acquire the tools and support I needed, when I needed them. Everything changed yet the outside world still looks the same, so maybe only I changed through it all.

USANA's products have been in the Manley family for three generations. As we now raise our children as part of the USANA family we feel hopeful and at peace about the legacy we are building for them.

My husband, Marshall, and I are partners in our business and along with a team of entreprenuers carry USANA's vision of creating the healthiest family on earth. USANA means True Health, and the truth of it all - products, vision, ethics, leadership - is what instilled in me the desire to carry on this torch. I now look forward to adding you to this global family. In short, it has been THE biggest thrill I have experienced so far and we have just began! So I ask you, ARE YOU READY?!

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